Week 2 Gametimes

Berserker Packers vs Sexual Panthers: Thursday @ 10pm EST

Killing Browns vs Shotgun Kings: Sunday @ 9pm EST

Baddies, Inc. vs Techno Vikings: TBD

Week 1 Gametimes

Shotgun Kings vs Techno Vikings: Thursday 7/24 @ 9:00pm EST

Killing Browns vs Berserker Packers: Saturday 7/26 @ 8:00pm EST

Sexual Panthers vs Baddies, Inc.: Sunday 7/27 @ 6:30pm EST

Week 1 Begins TODAY!

Week 1 of Summer 2014 begins today, July 21st! Stay tuned for a predictions thread with server info to be posted later tonight.

Game on!

IDL Summer 2014 Draft


Sunday, July 13th, 2014
(IDL Pre-Show Panel)
Hosted by HumanBones and friends.
8:00PM EST
(IDL Summer 2014 Draft Selections)
9:00PM EST

Official [IDL] New York Servers

Starting today we can now priv on official IDL servers! The IDL has purchased New York servers which will serve as the official default servers for next season. In the past we have stuck with Chicago, however we felt New York was the better choice this time around. The only server that is currently up is the priv server, but here's what they will all look like:

:: [IDL] New York :: Official Private CTF Server - http://intldoomleague.com |
:: [IDL] New York :: Official IDL A - http://intldoomleague.com |
:: [IDL] New York :: Official IDL B - http://intldoomleague.com |
:: [IDL] New York :: Official IDL C - http://intldoomleague.com |
:: [IDL] New York :: Official IDL D - http://intldoomleague.com |

Let's go!!

IDL Radio 6/29/14 - One-on-One Interview With Hatred

Join me Sunday, June 29th at 11:59pm EST, where I will sit down one-on-one with Hatred to discuss his return to the IDL, the competitive doom scene, his major life regrets, and more. Don't be late.


Summer 2014 Prize + IDL Radio

On this week's episode of IDL Radio, we discussed (among other things) the cash prize that will be awarded at the conclusion of the season. Here are the quick details:

MasterBowl Winners*: Each individual on the winning team will receive $50. The MasterBowl MVP will receive an additional $10.

MasterBowl Runner-Ups: Each individual on the second place team will receive $20.

Regular Season MVP: The regular season MVP will receive $10.

Check the IDL Radio forum for the recording.

IDL Radio: Saturday, June 28th @ 5pm EST

Join us this Saturday for another edition of IDL Radio. Among the topics we will be discussing is the PRIZE that will be awarded to not only the winners of Summer 2014, but also the runner-ups. I think you will all enjoy it.

Don't be late!


IDL Summer 2014 Signups Open

Visit our forums to sign up!


IDL Radio: Saturday, June 21st @ 5pm EST + IDL2014 Wad Release Party

Join us this Saturday, June 21st, at 5pm EST for the first IDL Radio of the upcoming Summer 2014 season! We have a lot in store for you all and we are finally ready to talk about it. This will also serve as the official IDL2014 wad release party, so get ready to play some priv later on.

I will be unveiling the official IDL Summer 2014 Time Table, which includes when Sign-Ups will open. We'll also reveal a date and time for the NA vs Europe match. So stay tuned!


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