Summer 2014 Playoffs Seeding
First news post on the front page! I had a hell of a time sorting this this 3-way tie between SXP, BI, and SK for the playoffs, but I did it. It came down to the number of flags scored by each team (not counting games against TKV). After I found the total, I divided it by the number of rounds each team played to get the average. The results were: SK scored 30 flags in 10 rounds, for an average of 3 flags per round. BI scored 28 flags in 11 rounds for an average of 2.5 flags per round. SXP scored 26 flags in 11 rounds for an average of 2.3 flags per round. The seeding for the playoffs is:

  1. BSK
  2. SK
  3. BI
  4. SXP
To the playoffs we go!