Masterbowl winners: RMR

Congrats to RMR (Water, XRay, Nosturi, Reck) for winning the masterbowl. RRS did an amazing job, the demo is worth watching. Every second is intense and it's not a one flag game.

As we head into the off-season, please consider signing up for NADA, check out #nadoom for more information.

See you next season if there is one!

Masterbowl 2013

Masterbowl is coming to a city near you!


Post Season Playoff Schedule

SXP vs RRS: Friday @ 10:30 PM EST
RMR vs SUC: TBD (soon hopefully!)

IDL Staff Update: Co-Commissioner Named

A little IDL staffing update for you all: Dew has officially been named Co-Commissioner, serving alongside myself. Dew has proven to be an invaluable member of this community for many years, and has basically been in that position unofficially for quite some time. I have never felt comfortable making a large decision without him, so it only feels right. Congratulations Dew!

Additionally, Ru5tK1ng has taken over his duties as Head of the Board. We all hope to lead the IDL to a brighter future.

Week 5 Gametimes

Sorry this has been a bit late, this week has been chaotic for both myself and Bones. Some people decided to give Bones their avails when he's been out, so I never got them as I'm gone before he gets home (which is late).
Nonetheless the show is going on, if you have a time can you please PM me on IRC -- or if I'm not on -- on the IDL forums.

Game times:
RMR vs B4: 9:30 pm EST Sunday
KGB vs RRS: 7:30pm EST Sunday
SXP vs SUC: 6:30pm EST Sunday(?)

These will be filled out as soon as the last captain on each team gets me their time (I have RRS and SXP's)

Week 4 Gametimes

Hello, everyone's gametimes are as follows:
KGB vs SUC: Sunday 6:30pm EST
RMR vs SXP: Sunday 7:00pm EST
B4 vs RRS: Sunday 9:00pm EST

Be sure to provide your demos to myself (Water) or HumanBones before your game!


From now on, please send all team availabilities to Watermelon. He will be collecting them for the remainder of the Summer 2013 season. He will penalize you if you do not give them to him on time, so please be sure to do so. Thanks!

Week 3 Gametimes

SUC vs RMR: Friday @ 6:00pm EST
SXP vs RRS: Sunday @ 7:00pm EST
KGB vs B4: Sunday @ 9:00pm EST

Week 2 Gametimes

RRS vs. SUC: Friday @ 7:30pm EST
KGB vs. RMR: Sunday @ 6:00pm EST
SXP vs. B4: Monday @ 11:00pm EST

IDL Website Now Fully Functional

That's right! By tomorrow evening we will have full Week 1 stats uploaded onto the website, but for now you can visit the main page and take a look at the stats for KGB vs SXP. If you want to see a full roster list or current standings, you can just click 'Season' in the top right hand corner of the main page, and choose 'Summer 2013' in the drop down menu. Be on the look out for more stats and demo uploads within the next 24 hours!

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